Banking TRI-BRANCH SYNERGY provides the banking industry with much needed solutions such as self-service cheque deposit machines, self-service payment kiosks & payment terminal solutions.
Oil & Gas TRI-BRANCH SYNERGY provides mobile fuel dispensing solutions that are quick setup, compact transportable fuel filling stations offering practical, low cost and secure alternatives to the conventional filling stations.
Oil & Gas
Agro-based industry TRI-BRANCH SYNERGY provides economically viable solutions to develop Jatropha and Castor Oil Nursery and plantations with high returns.
Agro-based industry
Education TRI-BRANCH SYNERGY advises on Malaysia-based quality education at affordable costs for professional and academics requirements.
Health TRI-BRANCH SYNERGY provides necessary assistance with practically any health-related inquiry from medical tourism to paramedics and material sourcing with a promise of quality & affordability.
Waste management TRI-BRANCH SYNERGY provides award-winning solutions that convert solid waste into health, wealth and energy.
Waste management
Alkaline water TRI-BRANCH SYNERGY provides antioxidant alkaline portable water system that enhances the quality of your drink water for better health.
Alkaline water